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Basics of water color
The Basics of Water Color
Thomas Kennedy
Choosing a Vinyl Liner
One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your new pool is the water color. The color of the water is the image that stands out the most in your backyard, so it needs to be perfect. You may think that the pool liner is what will create the look of the water. Although the liner pattern makes a big difference in the look of the water, the
How to Choose a Vinyl Liner
Thomas Kennedy
Choosing a Vinyl Liner
With pool season approaching, do you find yourself wanting a change of scenery in your backyard? Or are you needing to replace a worn out, tired liner. Choosing the right pool liner can be a difficult decision. It is probably one of the most important decisions you can make about your pool. You want to choose a liner that will suit your needs, a st
New Color Choices for Solid Safety Covers
Red Sage
Pool Safety
We are proud to announce we have added 2 new color choices for our solid safety covers. Beginning this season, solid safety covers are now available in tan and gray. These two new color choices give you 4 colors of solid safety cover to choose from. Neutral colors like tan and gray are perfect for backyard landscapes. They blend well with existing
Tara teams up with the Red Cross
Thomas Kennedy
Community Involvement
Tara Adds to the Communities We Serve Since we started, part of our mission at Tara, has been to contribute to the improvement of our community. Volunteering and contributing money and resources to local organizations helped us connect to our community. In 2015 we were inspired to expand the community we support. That year, we experienced a serious
Choosing A Safety Cover
Thomas Kennedy
Safety Covers
A safety cover is an important addition to your pool but choosing the right one for you, may be confusing. There are 3 types of pool safety cover. Each of them will keep your pool safe and protected. They also offer reduced water evaporation, which reduces water and chemical use, saving you money. Plus, no matter which type of safety cover your cho
Lotus selected as PSN Top 50 Product for 2019
Lotus Awarded Top 50 Product
Thomas Kennedy
For Pool Owners
Our new lotus liner pattern was selected as one of the Top 50 products for 2019. Pool & Spa News (PSN), one of the leading industry publications, presents this award each May. The prestigious award recognizes the most innovative and popular new products to debut each year. This year Lotus was the only vinyl liner pattern selected for this recog
Versatility of vinyl liner pool construction
Which type of pool is best for the environment?
Thomas Kennedy
Vinyl liner (package pools) are not just versatile and affordable, they are also a better choice for the environment. They are made from recyclable materials including steel, plastic, wood and vinyl. Because they are shipped as a kit and assembled on-site, they require less energy to transport and construct. The smooth non-porous vinyl surface prev
TV show goes behind the scenes at Tara
Thomas Kennedy
Choosing a Vinyl Liner
The popular TV show, World's Greatest, went behind the scenes at Tara to discover what makes Tara one of the “World’s Greatest!…” in vinyl swimming pool liners. If you've ever wondered how vinyl pool liners are made or why some are better than others, the TV show "World's Greatest!..." visits Tara pool liners to find out. A few months ago, “World’s
Liner Vocabulary
Thomas Kennedy
For Dealers
The terms used to describe different measurements or parts of the pool can vary across different regions, manufacturers and product categories. We put together a list of terms that we often get asked about. Below is the definitions for some of the most common terms we use in liner manufacturing.  Back slope- the slope from the hopper pad to th
Value of North American Vinyl
Thomas Kennedy
Choosing a Vinyl Liner
Tara uses only American made virgin vinyl. Not all vinyl is created equally. The best vinyl in the world is produced in the United States and Canada. North American companies conform to the standards of the CFFA (Chemical Fabrics and Film Association) to produce the highest quality pool vinyl. The pool environment is one of the most aggressive