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ReNew™ Vinyl Liners

Pioneering Sustainability in Pool Design

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable pool design. Our ReNew™ collection represents our commitment to sustainability in the pool industry. Vinyl liners are already a greener choice, and ReNew™ strengthens this, blending sustainability with enduring quality and performance.

The ReNew™ Advantage

Crafted with 51% pre-consumer recycled vinyl, ReNew™ liners are a testament to our groundbreaking approach. Sustainability meets luxury in these high-performance liners, designed to offer both durability and environmental responsibility. By choosing ReNew™, you're not just selecting a pool liner; you're embracing a brighter, more sustainable future



Incorporates anti-microbial additives for a cleaner, safer pool experience.


Engineered for resistance against UV, chlorine, and abrasion, ensuring lasting brilliance.


Features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, combining hygiene with convenience.


Boasts brilliant colors and luxury designs, elevating your pool's aesthetic appeal.


Proudly made with recycled content, certified by SCS Global Services.


ReNew is manufactured in Mountain Top, PA, ensuring quality American craftsmanship.

ReNew™ Patterns

Celestial Skies is a liner pattern that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of outer space. This design features a captivating array of stars set against a deep blue backdrop, interwoven with ethereal purple clouds. 

This amazing pattern is our most distinctive and original pattern yet! The wondrous swirling design, inspired by crashing waves and flowing currents, incorporates a range of incredible ocean colors with silvery gray highlights. 

See ReNew™ in Action

Our unique Envision Visualizer and AR App will allow you to preview these sustainable liners in a variety of pool settings. Virtually experience the difference these incredible liners make in your own backyard.

Take this journey a step further by using our Dealer Locator to connect with a knowledgeable Tara dealer near you. They can show you material samples so you can see and feel the quality of ReNew™ for yourself.


  1. What is ReNew Vinyl?

    • ReNew is an innovative, high-performance pool liner made from 51% pre-consumer recycled vinyl, combining sustainability with luxury and durability.
  2. How does ReNew contribute to sustainability?

    • ReNew liners are crafted with over half of their material coming from pre-consumer recycled vinyl, reducing environmental impact and supporting eco-friendly pool solutions.
  3. Is the quality of ReNew comparable to traditional vinyl liners?

    • Absolutely. Despite its recycled content, ReNew does not compromise on quality. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of durability, resistance, and performance.
  4. Are ReNew liners resistant to pool chemicals and UV exposure?

    • Yes, ReNew liners are specially treated with UV and anti-microbial additives and are resistant to chlorine and abrasion, ensuring prolonged material brilliance and hygiene.
  5. Can ReNew liners be used in all types of pools?

    • ReNew liners are versatile and suitable for a wide range of pool types and designs. It's always best to consult with a professional to confirm compatibility with your specific pool.
  6. What designs and colors are available in the ReNew collection?

    • The ReNew collection is available in 2 stunning designs that exemplify the remarkable capabilities of pool vinyl. Visit our pattern page to see our design options.
  7. Are ReNew liners easy to maintain?

    • Yes, ReNew liners are non-porous, making them easy to clean and maintain. Their smooth surface helps in preventing algae growth and makes routine cleaning more straightforward.
  8. Is ReNew vinyl made in the USA?

    • Yes, ReNew is proudly manufactured in Mountain Top, PA, ensuring high-quality American craftsmanship in every liner.
  9. How can I purchase a ReNew liner for my pool?

  • To purchase a ReNew liner, contact your local Tara authorized dealer. If you need help finding a dealer, you can use our online locator.