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How to Navigate Your Swimming Pool Liner Cost

When it comes to your swimming pool liner cost, there are various factors to consider. Whether you are building a new pool or are looking for a replacement liner for an existing pool, choosing a vinyl pool liner can be a daunting task. Here are some tips for choosing a pool liner to make the task easier for you.

1. Select the Pattern

The most important choice you make when selecting a pool liner is the liner patterns. The liner pattern is what you will see every time you look at your pool.

To help make your decision less complicated we have classified our patterns according to the water color: Deep Blue, Light Blue, and Aqua. When you select a pattern in our gallery you can see photos of it in a pool. The photos can give you an idea of how the pattern will look in the water. However, the color of your pool will change with the depth, the weather, and even the time of day, creating a dynamic focal point for your backyard. For more advice on selecting your pattern visit our blog. There you will find detailed information about water color, liner thickness, caring for your liner, and more. Each of these features will play a role in your costs.

2. Select the Thickness

The thickness of the liner is less important than the fit. A liner that fits properly will last much longer than a thicker liner that doesn't. Vinyl pool liners do not fail because they are not thick enough. We recommend choosing a pool liner based on the pattern rather than the thickness.

Since Tara Pool & Outdoor Products only uses the finest virgin vinyl, all of our liners are durable and long-lasting. We are so confident in our liners that we back them with a 20-year warranty. Choosing a supplier who provides a great warranty affects costs down the line, which is why you'll benefit from our competitive warranty.


20mil wall and 20mil floor is the best combination for most pool environments. 20/20 is the best thickness combination for complicated pool shapes and features. The thickness will have an impact on the swimming pool liner cost.


By combining a 27mil wall with a 20mil floor you can add more strength to the wall of the liner which bears the most weight. This option is best if you are in an area that experiences hard extended freeze conditions or if your pool dealer specifically recommends using 27/20.


The 27mil wall and 27mil floor combination is an extreme liner for extreme conditions. If your previous liner failed due to freezing temperatures or if you have a rough surface on the floor of your pool, this option may be necessary. We recommend consulting your pool professional to see if 27/27 is right for your pool.

3. Liner Options

Here is your chance to stretch your creativity and express your personal style. Vinyl liner pools offer you flexibility not available in any other type of pool construction. At Tara, we offer custom options to help you make your pool as unique as you are. Using the options below, you can create a swimming pool that’s perfect for entertaining guests, playing with the kids, relaxing after a hard day's work, or all of the above.

Textured Liner Material Option

SureStep® is a textured surface vinyl that can enhance and protect the areas that receive the most traffic. This thicker textured material is a great option for stairs and benches.

Liner Over Stairs Option

At Tara, we specialize in making liners that can fit any situation. We can create a liner that covers every surface in your pool. Any features such as stairs, benches safety ledges, etc. can be covered in the pattern of your choice. Once you've considered all of these factors, you'll have a better understanding of your swimming pool liner cost.

No-Tile Option

The tile is the pattern just below the coping that frames the pool. A popular option is to remove this portion of the liner. This gives the pool a frameless look.

Mix-&-Match Option

Sometimes the bottom of a pattern is perfect but you'd rather have a different tile or vice versa. That is another option we offer. You can choose any tile pattern and any bottom pattern and combine them.

Do you still have questions about choosing the perfect product for you? Message our helpful team of Facebook to learn more about the different aspects that factor into your swimming pool liner cost. We look forward to serving you!