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New SureStep Pattern | St. Johns Bay


St. John's Bay and Beale Street are two of our most popular patterns. The mosaic style floor pattern, for both of these liners is inspired by ice cubes. This design gives the pool a clean refreshing loook. The variation in blues, from light to deep blue, will definitely make your water sparkle. 

Pool lined with St. Johns Bay

St. John's Bay SureStep

This year we added a new pattern to our SureStep collection. Now you can order both St. John's Bay and Beale Street patterns in SureStep textured liner material. SureStep vinyl is embossed with a texture that adds traction to the surface of your pool. It helps prevent slips and feels nice when you walk on it. SureStep is also made from thicker, 27 mil vinyl, to make it more rugged and durable. These features make it a great choice for covering stairs, sundecks, benches and other high traffic areas.

This new SureStep option for St. Johns Bay and Beale Street has a unique crinkle texture. This embossed texture is only offered on this pattern and our Cascade Creek and Sandy Bay liner patterns. The “crinkle” look of this new SureStep and the “ice cube” mosaic pattern complement each other well. To see and feel samples of these patterns, visit your local Tara Authorized Dealer.

SureStep St Johns Bay

 As always, all of our liner patterns, including SureStep, are made from 100% American made vinyl. We only use American vinyl because of it’s superior quality. That’s because the ingredients that go into American made vinyl are of the highest quality. There are no filler ingredients that can weaken the vinyl and lead to problems such as fading, tearing and wrinkling.

The new St. Johns Bay crinkle texture SureStep will be a great addition to your pool.



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