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Why a Vinyl Liner Is a Perfect Fit for Your Pool

Pool liners are necessary for preventing your pool from leaking. If you don't have one installed, your pool walls will be exposed, and they could end up heavily corroded. In this article, we'll highlight the reasons why vinyl pool liners are the best options available.

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Transform Your Backyard Pool with Our New Gray Mesh Safety Cover Fabric

Grey HDMesh Long

It's important to ensure that your pool area is both beautiful and safe. That's why we are excited to announce that we now offer our top-of-the-line mesh safety cover fabric in a brand new color - gray!

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Turning Scrap into Product

Untitled 3 2 in 2 3 in

As with any manufacturing company, natural waste is a known byproduct of production. For Tara Manufacturing, which specializes in making vinyl pool liners and other outdoor products, vinyl scrap is abundant and until now, has been a complex problem to solve.

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Elements Collection


Express yourself with the unique collection of Elements accent patterns from Tara Pools. Customize your pool liner with these bold, nature-inspired designs for a bespoke appearance. The neutral color palette and textured surface make Elements patterns a perfect emphasis for the unique features of your pool. 

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Tara’s Cobalt Pattern Wins the Golden Cylinder Award!

Our exclusive Cobalt Liner Pattern was awarded the 2022 Golden Cylinder Award from the Gravure AIMCAL Alliance (GAA)! The Golden Cylinder award is an annual recognition for the most creative gravure operators' and highest quality gravure print projects throughout America. The design of Cobalt was the result of collaboration between Tara and the designer at Continental Pool Liners.

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5 Essential Tips for Swimming Pool Care

There's nothing like owning a pool! After all, it's available to you and your guests at any time of the day. We've put together five essential tips for ensuring your pool is ready to go when you're ready to swim. Let's dive in!

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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool to Prevent Damage

Pools are a great addition to any home. They bring the family together, offer a great way to exercise, and bring your backyard to life. However, you'll need to replace parts of your pool to ensure you fully enjoy it. One part of your pool that you'll eventually have to replace is the swimming pool liner. The swimming pool liner cost isn't astronomical, but there are ways you can keep it down. With some maintenance, the swimming pool liner cost isn't something you'll have to worry about every year. Here are four maintenance tips to prevent damage to your pool and its liner.

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A Sustainable Choice for Your Pool

Island Dream Homeowner Miller Wallace5

As consumers, we are all increasingly aware of the impact our purchases have on the environment. A recent survey by Deloitte showed that 68% of respondents are adopting more sustainable consumer behaviors. This year, a new sustainable solution for swimming pools has just arrived! Our new Island Dream pattern is made using ReNew™, the first high-performance pool vinyl to be certified as a sustainable product. This cutting edge liner will enhance the beauty of any backyard with durable long-lasting, sustainable brilliance.

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Protecting your pets around the pool

Our pets are some of our closest companions. We love to have them around no matter what we're doing. Swimming in the pool is no exception. Whether they are swimming or just relaxing with us around the pool, it's important to keep them safe. Here are some tips to make your pool a safe place for your pets this summer.

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Envision Pool Designer

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Tara Envision AR App

Tara Envision AR App

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Important Information Regarding Sunscreen & Your Vinyl Liner

We all understand the dangers of the sun. It’s no secret that prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer. It’s also common knowledge that protecting your family and yourself with sunscreen is especially important. But did you know that some sunscreens contain chemical ingredients that may have adverse effects on your pool liner?

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Is Green the New Blue? 

Aquamarine H2O pools supplies Cleaning


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Tara Launches Rebranding 

Tara Launches Rebranding 

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4 Essential Ingredients for a Long-Lasting Liner

American made vinyl rolls

The 4 most important factors that determine the lifespan of a pool liner are:

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Find Your Inspiration with the Tara Ultimate Makeover Contest

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Inspiring Pool Makeover Projects

Looking for inspiration and ideas to update your pool? Check out the entries in our 2017 Tara Ultimate Makeover Contest. Pool dealers from across the country are sending us photos of their current pool remodeling projects. We’ll be posting these photos to Facebook and Pinterest so you can see examples of all types of pools being transformed. This will be a great opportunity to find the perfect solution for you backyard.

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The Truth About Thickness



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Expert Advice for Choosing a Liner Pattern

Tile Floor Liner

After around 20 years in the liner industry (but who’s counting),  I’ve helped many homeowners with choosing their liner pattern. Installing a new pool or updating your existing pool is one of the most exciting times for any family. However, choosing the perfect pattern can be a difficult decision. The pattern you choose can change the whole complexion of the backyard. This article is designed to give you a few tips and some advice based on what I’ve learned. 

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Basics of water color

The Basics of Water Color

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your new pool is the water color. The color of the water is the image that stands out the most in your backyard, so it needs to be perfect. You may think that the pool liner is what will create the look of the water. Although the liner pattern makes a big difference in the look of the water, there are several variables that also play a large role. In this article we’d like to give you some insight into these variables so you can choose a pattern that gives you the look you want.

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How to Choose a Vinyl Liner


With pool season approaching, do you find yourself wanting a change of scenery in your backyard? Or are you needing to replace a worn out, tired liner. Choosing the right pool liner can be a difficult decision. It is probably one of the most important decisions you can make about your pool. You want to choose a liner that will suit your needs, a style that will suit your taste and will also hold up for years of enjoyment. Tara has some suggestions for choosing the right liner that can help you make the best decision.

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