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New Color Choices for Solid Safety Covers


Swatches Gray Tan SolidWe are proud to announce we have added 2 new color choices for our solid safety covers. Beginning this season, solid safety covers are now available in tan and gray. These two new color choices give you 4 colors of solid safety cover to choose from.

Neutral colors like tan and gray are perfect for backyard landscapes. They blend well with existing hardscape and complement natural elements. They also provide an excellent backdrop for more vibrant colors. Prior to this season we only offered solid covers in green or blue. These bold colors don’t suit everyone’s taste. On the other hand neutral colors are very flexible. They have an enduring appeal. The popularity of our tan colored mesh covers is proof that many homeowners want something more subtle for their backyard. These two new choices will give you the calm, tranquil atmosphere you’ve been looking for.

If you want a perfectly clean pool at opening, a solid safety cover is your best choice. Tara solid safety covers are designed to keep everything out of your pool. Since water and dust can’t get through the cover, there is little if any clean-up needed when spring rolls around. Made from a pvc laminated mesh our 12 oz. solid cover blocks out all sunlight. Algae can’t grow without light so your pool will be clear and clean all winter. You’ll save time and money on clean-up and your pool will be ready for swimming sooner. 


  • Keeps your family and pets safe

 • Keeps pool clean pool all winter

 • Prevents algae growth

 • Prevents damage to your pool and pool liner

 • Reduces evaporation

 • Saves you money on water and chemicals

 • Extends the life of your pool liner 

Now that our solid covers are offered in 4 color choices you can choose the cover that best suits your needs without compromising on style. If your still unsure about which cover is right for you, read our post about choosing the perfect safety cover. 

No matter which type of safety cover you choose, you will have a peace of mind. Every safety cover we make is designed and  built to fit your pool precisely. They have been independently tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards. We over-design and over-build the cover so that you get the best protection possible. To see what makes a Tara safety cover special download a copy of our brochure or order one here. 

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