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A better looking pool all year


During the summer, your pool is the highlight of your backyard. Your family and guests all love the clear sparkling water of your beautiful backyard oasis. However once the leaves start to fall, the water is littered with their unflattering colors. Try as you might, vaccuming them out becomes an impossible chore. Besides, the fall is busy enough with back to school, holidays, football, etc. So what can you do to keep your pool looking clean and spiffy till it's time to splash around again? A pool safety cover is your best option and here’s why.

Keep your pool clutter-free

Safety Covers keep leaves out of your poolA safety cover will catch all of the leaves and debris that can collect in your pool. Even sticks and other large items will just land on the surface. Safety covers are anchored to the deck so they will barely sag with the added weight. Built to support the weight of a person, a safety cover is a strong barrier to whatever autumn and winter throw at it. Because it is held tightly to the deck, nothing can get beneath it either. That means animals like squirrels and frogs won’t find their way into your pool. A safety cover is the best way to keep your pool free of unwanted pests and rubbish. 

Easier pool maintenance

Compared to cleaning leaves and sticks out of your pool a safety cover is a breeze to maintain. Leaves will fall on top and dry-up. Because it is stretched tightly over the pool, they don’t become heavy and water logged. Usually, all you need is a leaf blower to clean anything off your safety cover. If anything does stick to the surface, your pool brush with an extension handle can be used to loosen them. Mesh safety covers allow water to drain from the surface and filter out dust. Solid safety covers come with either a mesh panel that allows water to drain or an automatic pump to remove if from the surface. Snow can collect on top until it melts. Through it all, a safety cover will stay securely in place. 

Safety covers are very flattering

Just like your coats and sweaters, a safety cover is the appropriate fall fashion. Our safety covers are tailored to fit the shape and size of your pool. The clean straight lines of the straps are neat and orderly. The springs, buckles and anchors all add to the appearance of your backyard. You can even choose a color that suits your taste. Our mesh safety covers come in green, blue and tan and our solid is available in green or blue. You’ll be proud to show off your backyard during fall and winter. Even more, you’ll feel comfortable entertaining guests around your safe, secure pool.

Keep your pool looking it's best

Keep pool looking goodPool owners shouldn’t have to dread the arrival of fall. A safety cover is the solution to all of the ugly litter that can land in your pool. It will provide a solid barrier against the elements and all of the pesky critters that want to make it their home. Unlike most fall chores, maintaining your safety cover is simple and easy. It pretty much takes care of itself. Instead of avoiding your backyard, you’ll enjoy spending time outside around your pool. When spring arrives and you open your pool, it will be clean and free of debris. A safety cover helps you get the most out of your pool and your backyard.

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