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How to choose a pool safety cover

The best investment you can make in your family's safety and the life of your pool is a safety cover.

A Tara pool safety cover will give you protection and peace of mind all winter long. Your backyard will be clean and beautiful throughout the off-season. No other form of protection can guarantee the safety of children and pets like a safety cover from Tara. It creates an impenetrable barrier over your pool. Pool safety covers also save you money. When your pool is covered it prevents evaporation (Up to 95% less evaporation), saving water and chemicals (35%-60% less chemicals used). When spring returns, your pool will be ready to enjoy in less time and with less work.

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Choose the Right Safety Cover


  • Water Quality: Good
  • Sunblock: Good - 95%
  • Safety: Excellent
  • Reduces Evaporation: Good
  • Maintenance: Easy
  • Warranty: 15 Years | 2 Years Full
  • Click the color swatches for a larger view:

HD Mesh

  • Water Quality: Better
  • Sunblock: Better - 99%*
  • Safety: Excellent
  • Reduces Evaporation: Better
  • Maintenance: Easy
  • Warranty: 15 Years | 2 Years Full
  • Click the color swatches for a larger view:
*HD Mesh U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 - 99% Shade


  • Water Quality: Best
  • Sunblock: Best - 100%
  • Safety: Excellent
  • Reduces Evaporation: Best
  • Maintenance: Moderate
  • Warranty: 12 Years | 2 Years Full
  • Click the color swatches for a larger view:


For maximum safety, a Tara safety cover is the best choice. Tara's safety covers are strong enough to support a person or group of people. A mesh safety cover will allow water to drain from the surface. Tara's standard mesh and HD mesh safety covers are equally strong and drain water quickly. Our solid safety cover is sold with an automatic pump or a mesh drain panel to remove any standing water. Every Tara safety cover comes with heavy-duty commercial grade springs for no additional charge. For additional strength and durability, we use double layer webbing across the entire cover and each of the fabric panels has a 1" hem around the edges. That means you get a cover that protects better and lasts longer. Every Tara pool safety cover has been independently tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards. For more on how a safety cover will protect your loved ones and your pool, visit our Blog.


Maintaining a safety cover is not difficult. Anything that falls on the surface can be removed with a leaf blower or hose. Mesh safety covers are lighter and easier to put on and remove. They also dry quickly after being removed and can be folded easily and placed in the storage bag. A solid safety cover will be heavier than a mesh safety cover. Keeping the surface clear of debris and standing water will make removal easier. It may also need time to dry before being folded for storage.


Both the standard mesh and HD mesh safety covers drain water quickly from the surface. Each filter the water so that leaves, debris and most particles do not fall in the pool. The HD Mesh has an extremely dense weave that filters more debris than standard mesh. The solid safety cover will not allow water or sunlight into the pool. The solid safety cover will not allow water or sunlight into the pool. This prevents algae growth and gives you clean, clear water in the spring. Solid safety covers require the use of an automatic pool pump or drain panel to remove water from the surface.


A swimming pool safety cover not only protects your loved ones but it also protects your wallet. Using a safety cover reduces water evaporation which saves you money on replacement water. It will prevent chemical loss that occurs through evaporation, as well. Because a safety cover blocks sunlight it will protect your pool finish and equipment from damaging UV rays. Other cost saving benefits include reduced clean-up costs and pool opening costs. Check out this blog post to find out more ways a Tara pool safety cover can save you money and add value to your home.

Water Quality

For a clean pool at opening, the solid safety cover is the best choice. A standard mesh safety cover has a densely woven mesh that will filter most debris and blocks up to 96% of sunlight. Our HD mesh safety cover is an extremely dense weave mesh that will filter debris as fine as dust particles and provides 99%* UV blockage.