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Envision Pool Designer


Choosing the perfect pattern can be a tough, time consuming decision for homeowners. We often hear the question “What does this pattern look like in the water?” Tara’s new will have a new tool that will provide an answer to that question and make pattern selection quicker and easier for you. The new Tara pool visualization tool will guide you from inspiration to realization. The fun, interactive format will make choosing the liner pattern a simple and enjoyable process. With realistic and accurate images, the visualizer will reduce time spent selecting a new pool liner or safety cover. 

Tara’s new visualization tool is available on the website, The program will guide pool owners through the design process. You will be able to choose several pool shapes and then customize them with different liner patterns, safety covers and pool deck finishes. The visualizer will offer different angles and perspectives of the pool. It will also be able to adjust the lighting to show the pool at different times of the day. By combining beautiful renderings with an array of customization options the visualizer will help you create a vision of your ideal backyard. This tool will also showcase one of the unique advantages of vinyl swimming pools, the customization. 

Designed to be a useful companion to Tara’s brochure and website, the new pool visualizer will help shorten the design cycle. Pool owners can quickly view their design ideas. Once you have created their ideal pool project, you can save it and share it on social media. You can also print the final design and take it to their installer. When paired with the photos, actual vinyl samples and the wealth of advice and education Tara provides, the visualizer will give homeowners confidence in their decision. 

“Visualizers are everywhere in building, remodeling and home-decor. Because, homeowners can easily make design selections and see the results quickly, visualizers speed up the design process.” says Thomas Kennedy, marketing director. 

See how all the different patterns would look in your pool here:

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