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Why a Vinyl Liner Is a Perfect Fit for Your Pool

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Pool liners are necessary for preventing your pool from leaking. If you don't have one installed, your pool walls will be exposed, and they could end up heavily corroded. In this article, we'll highlight the reasons why vinyl pool liners are the best options available.

They Are Highly Durable

The main reason why you should choose a vinyl pool liner is its durability. Assuming proper maintenance, your vinyl liner should stay in good condition for around 15 years. At a minimum, you can expect that liner to protect your pool for a decade. According to Poolonomics, your vinyl liner may sustain damage and pull away from the edges of your pool if the water level dips below six inches. Just remember that requirement and your vinyl liner should have no trouble staying in place.

They Are Easy to Maintain

What does proper maintenance for a vinyl pool liner entail? You'll be glad to know that it doesn't require a ton of work. In terms of cleaning, scrubbing the surface of the vinyl liner with a sponge and some mild cleanser will suffice. You don't need additional cleaning items because the vinyl material is nonporous. It stays clean naturally because algae and other bits of foreign matter cannot penetrate the vinyl.

They Are More Affordable

Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are the materials most commonly used in pool liners. If you're evaluating your options based on cost, you'll find that vinyl comes out ahead. It's significantly more affordable than both concrete and fiberglass liners. Combine that low upfront cost with this liner's durability and you will end up with a pretty good deal.

They Are Customizable

Getting a vinyl pool installed opens up a world of customization options for you. That's probably the most underrated benefit of using this particular type of pool liner. Work closely with the installers so you can explore all the options you have available. The shape and size of your vinyl pool liner are characteristics you can customize. You can also play around with colors if you're trying to achieve a certain aesthetic. Vinyl liners are also compatible with different forms of pool hardware such as steps and ledges. Customize to your heart's delight after the vinyl liner is installed.

Vinyl liners will enhance your pool's appearance, stay in place for a long time, and ease the burden of tiresome maintenance. If you're looking for a high-quality vinyl pool liner, get in touch with us at Tara Pool & Outdoor Products.

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