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Storing your safety cover for summer


Things you need:


Step 1: Clean the cover

a. Use leaf blower to remove leaves and debris.
b. Spray on cover cleaner.
c. Rinse it off.

Step 2: Release the springs

a. Use installation rod to unhook each spring from the anchor.
b. Unhook all of the springs.

Step 3: Screw anchors flush

Storing your pool safety cover infograpica. Using the hex key screw the anchor into the sleeve so it is flush with the deck.
b. Repeat until all of the anchors are flush.

Step 4: Remove the safety cover

a. Fold the cover starting at deep end.
b. Fold a section, about the distance between the straps.
c. Continue this accordion style folding until you reach the end.
d. Lift cover up and on to a clean dry space in the yard or deck. (It’s important that you never drag the cover. This prevents wear and tear on the cover.)

Step 5: Storing your safety cover

a. Unfold cover and clean if necessary.
b. Allow cover to dry. (Don’t leave the cover out too long in the yard or it will harm the lawn.)
c. Fold the cover in half, over and over, until it is small enough to fit in the bag.

Step 6: Hang the bag up

a. To prevent damage from mice and other rodents, hang the cover bag off the ground.
b. A large plastic bin with a lid or trashcan will also work.

By following these simple steps you will be sure that your pool safety cover will last longer. Plus, when it is time to close your pool and install the safety cover, it will be neat and ready to go. Read our post on storing your safety covers' storage bag before installing your cover.  For more information about caring for your pool safety cover check out this post.

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