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Pool Transformation


The best way to update the look of your pool is to get a new liner. Once a pool starts to age it can loose it’s luster. Fading and stains can hurt the appearance and make the pool look worn out. Times and tastes change as well and a liner pattern that looked great 10 years ago, may look dated now. More importantly, vinyl liners have come a long way in recent years. The technology, patterns and options available have made vinyl liners as beautiful and luxurious as anything on the market. Here are 3 reasons why there’s never been a better time to update your pool!

Pool Finish and Water Color

Your pool’s finish is the most prominent aspect of your pool. The color of the water and the tile design are going to stand out more than anything else in your backyard. So, when you change your liner it can have a dramatic effect. Replacing your pool liner is like painting your home. You can change the entire atmosphere and environment of your backyard with a new liner. Tara’s current pattern collection features patterns that can coordinate with any style you choose. From deep dramatic blues, to cool relaxing aquas and teals a new liner can transform your backyard into your own personal resort. For more information about how the pool finish will affect the color of the water visit our blog post on the subject.

Liner Options for Your Swimming Pool

In the past, there weren't many color choices for stairs in vinyl liner swimming pools. Most steps were either white or blue. Technology has improved so that now your new vinyl liner can be built to cover stairs, benches or barstools. The whole pool can be covered in the same color and pattern. In addition, the steps can be covered in a textured surface vinyl. Tara’s SureStep offers added traction and a comfortable texture for areas that you walk on most. This textured material is available in nearly every pattern we offer. To see examples of how these options look in a pool check out our Liner Options page.

Seamless Looking Pool Liners

Vinyl liner pools of the past always had visible seams that could take away from the look of the pool. New techniques in fabrication have reduced the appearance of seams. Tara uses a unique process called SureSeam that creates a strong less visible seam. We also use only one wall seam which can be paced in a section that is cut out or hidden by the pools layout. The liner is assembled so that the edge of the seam faces downhill on the slope. These techniques minimize the appearance of seams.

Now is a great time to give your pool a facelift. If you’ve had your current liner for 10 years or more, you’ll be amazed at how far liners have come since then. Maybe you purchased a home with a vinyl liner pool and want to update it to suit your style. Check out our pool liner before and after board on Pinterest to see the dramatic effect of replacing a pool liner. Visit our dealer locator or contact our warranty dept. to find a dealer to transform your pool from bland to beautiful. 

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