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Tara teams up with the Red Cross

Tara teams up with the Red Cross

Tara Adds to the Communities We Serve

Flooding in Huntsville and Madison County

Since we started, part of our mission at Tara, has been to contribute to the improvement of our community. Volunteering and contributing money and resources to local organizations helped us connect to our community. In 2015 we were inspired to expand the community we support. That year, we experienced a serious flood that left many local residents and employees without shelter. The Red Cross responded as soon as it happened. They helped many in our community by providing food, shelter and support. We were overwhelmed by the speed, the organization and the range of services the Red Cross was able to provide. This event motivated us to want to contribute to their disaster relief efforts in the future so they could help others, like they helpded us.

An opportunity to give back

Presenting Red Cross with DonationNot long after our flood experience, South Carolina experienced flooding on an unprecedented scale. At least 19 people died and numerous roads, bridges, vehicles and homes were washed away. We wanted to help the people of South Carolina so we turned to the Red Cross to find out how. We contacted our local Red Cross office and told them about our desire to contribute to the relief effort in South Carolina. They were very helpful and sent a representative out to meet with us. He helped us set up a donation program. Over the next 6 months collected a percentage of sales from liner sales in South Carolina. That money was donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund for South Carolina flood victims. The donation program allowed us to provide support to the victims in an on-going way. It also inspired us because our jobs took on greater meaning. The liners that we were building were helping to rebuild people’s lives. Our donation totaled just over $2,000 by the end of the program.

Another disaster hits home

Arthur's view at the scene of the rescueWhen floods devastated Louisiana last fall we worried about many of our customers who had homes and businesses in the state. Then we learned one of our employees experienced the danger of these floods first hand. Arthur, one of our delivery drivers, witnessed a car get caught in the rising flood waters. He rushed out of his delivery truck to help the people stuck inside. A mother and her two children were trapped in the sinking car. With the help of a mail truck driver who was also there, they were able to carry all three to safety. His story is amazing and it shows the character of our employees. We were inspired by his bravery and our concern for everyone who lived in the effected areas to help provide relief.

We contacted our Red Cross representative again and set up another donation program. Again the process was simple and in no time we were collecting funds to donate to the Red Cross. From September through the following March, we set aside a portion of the sales of pool liners in Louisiana to donate to the Red Cross. At the end we had raised $2,400 for the Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Louisiana.

Time, money, resources, every donation can make a difference 

We are proud to work with the Red Cross. Each time we have donated it has been an honor to contribute to their mission of service to those in need. From disaster relief and blood donation to serving our nations military and their families, no other organization can do what the Red Cross does. They offer donors a chance to make more with their donation. They bring together donors, volunteers and resources to organize massive relief efforts, anywhere they are called. The Red Cross gives us all an opportunity to do something great with whatever we have to give.


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