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When is the Best Time to Buy a Pool?


Many homeowners ask us what time of year is best for buying a new pool. With temperatures rising and days getting longer, many of us start to dream of owning a pool. So, we thought this would be a good time to share what we’ve learned.

First, there is not a best time of year for everybody. Each family has their own needs and desires. We suggest that, the best time to buy a pool, is when you are ready. There are lots of decisions to be made and before starting you need to have a good idea of what you want. Making decisions early can save time and prevent delays.

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If you want to be able to swim this summer, the early spring is a good time to get started. If you can get an early start, pool contractors aren't fully booked yet. Installing a pool in the spring means you can use it all summer. There are some other advantages to getting a start in the spring. Many new products come to the market after the first of the year. You get to choose from the latest products and liner pattern designs. Sometimes deals are available on discontinued items, as new products take their place. There are some disadvantages to buying a pool in the spring. Spring weather is unpredictable and can delay construction. The rain and mud can cause problems as heavy equipment and foot traffic make a mess of the yard.


Once it gets closer to summer, the advantages start to decrease and the disadvantages increase. Most pool builders are fully booked by summer. This is also when they start opening pools so they have less time for new construction. A later start means the landscaping and lawn won’t have time to recover. So, if you may have a pool but the yard won’t be ready. If the you are able to schedule an installation, they won’t get to use the pool much before the end of the season.

If you aren’t in a hurry to use your new pool, the fall can be a great time to install it. Once the pool season ends, pool dealers are more free to take on new construction projects. Typically, the weather is better suited with drier conditions. When you start in the fall there isn’t a rush to complete the project so there is less pressure. That makes the project more relaxed for you and the builder and that can yield a better result. Plus, by starting in the off season, there is ample time to get all of the decking done and the landscaping in place. When swim season does arrive, the project is complete and the entire yard is re-established and ready to enjoy.


In the winter, a pool is the last thing on most people’s minds. However, in many parts of the country winter can still be a time to build a pool. This year temperatures in the south rarely got below freezing. If the temperature is below freezing and there’s snow on the ground, homeowners can still start their pool project. The winter is probably the best time to begin planning a new pool. Dealers have time to work with homeowners during the off-season. A plan can be laid out and decisions can be made so that as soon as the weather is decent, the project can begin.

While there are pros and cons to every time of year, the early spring and early to mid fall are probably the best time for most people. It still comes down to your needs and what you want most.


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