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How Long Does it Take to Build a Vinyl Liner Pool?


TimelapseOne of the advantages of vinyl liner pools is that they take less time to construct than other types of pools. On average it can take between 2-5 weeks to install a vinyl liner pool whereas, a gunite pool can take about twice that time. Each project is different but your Tara Authorized Dealer can give you a good guideline for for the phases of construction to be completed. With every type of pool construction there are several factors that can impact how long the process will take. So, in this post we list the main factors that could influence your pool project.

Size and Scope

Obviously, a small rectangular pool will not take as long as a large complicated shape. As you add features like built-in steps, waterfalls, automation, etc. the time will increase. Often, these features can involve subcontractors whose schedules may not line up with the original plan. Anytime you choose materials and equipment that aren’t regularly stocked, there can be delays. This is why it’s important to consult your pool builder early on to decide what you want. The more decisions you make up-front the more likely you will be able to stick to the timeline.

Permits and Inspections

Before construction can begin, you’ll need to have all of the required permits. This process will vary depending on the type of pool and the building regulations in your area. Building permits and the inspection process can be time consuming and frustrating but it’s important to remember that they are for your protection. They ensure that your pool is built right, will be safe and will last. The Houzz website has a good article about building permits and inspections if you’d like to read more,

The Site

Where your pool is being installed has a large impact on how long construction will take. There are a lot of considerations to take into account when selecting the site. Sun exposure, wind, elevation, telephone cables, and sewer lines are just a few of the factors your Tara Authorized Dealer can help you sort through. Obstacles may not be avoidable, though. For instance, it may be necessary to level the site, remove rocks or install a retaining wall. Remember too, a pool is more than a hole filled with water. The deck and landscaping are important factors to account for in the timeline, too.


This is the most unpredictable factor in the construction process. From rain and cold during the spring to extreme heat and water shortages in the summer, the weather is a constant source of hurdles. Bad weather can delay a project for days. This can cause a domino effect as builders and contractors get behind on one project, which delays their next project. This is another good reason for making decisions early on in the process. That way the project can move forward immediately after unforeseen obstacles. Another tip is to schedule to build your pool in the late summer and fall when dealers are less busy and weather isn't so unstable.

Focus on the Future

When you consult with your dealer at the start of the project, let them know your needs. They can give you a realistic estimate based on what your goals are. They know their own schedule, the pool regulations in your area, and any factors that could complicate installation on your property. Even so, any large construction or remodeling project is bound to encounter a few hang-ups along the way. Just keep in mind that your pool will be something you’ll enjoy for a long time. Your patience during the process will pay dividends in your overall satisfaction with the result.


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