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4 Essential Ingredients for a Long-Lasting Liner


The 4 most important factors that determine the lifespan of a pool liner are:

1 - The Quality of the Vinyl

American made vinyl rollsThe quality of the vinyl liner material is critical for a long-lasting liner. High quality North American virgin vinyl is the best material to withstand the harsh pool environment. It is designed to resist fading, weathering and abrasion. Cheaper foreign vinyl is not tested and proven to meet the same quality standards. Over time it breaks down and is prone to fading and cracking. Tara uses only 100% North American made virgin vinyl to ensure you get the maximum life out of your pool's liner.

2 - Proper Chemical Use

Maintaining a proper chemical balance can extend the life of the liner indefinitely. When the chemicals are out of balance the liner can wrinkle, fade or even dry rot. The difference between a pool that is in balance or out of balance is small. It isn't difficult but if it isn't done right it can be costly. If you don't have the time or don't want to deal with it we recommend having a qualified pool professional monitor and maintain the balance in your pool. This will prevent chemicals from damaging your liner and ruining your investment.

3 - The Fit of the Liner


When vinyl is overstretched, it becomes weaker. A liner needs to fit the shape and contours of the pool so that it isn't overstretched. To get a good liner fit, the pool has to be measured well. That's why it is important to find a pool professional who has experience measuring vinyl liner pools, like our Authorized Dealers. We even developed a measuring device, the Tara Laser, that dealers can use to get perfect measurements of the perimeter of the pool. The Tara Laser records up to 1,600 measurements and sends those directly to Tara. This system eliminates human error and delivers unsurpassed accuracy.

4 - Use a Safety Cover in the Off-Season

Tan Mesh Pool Safety Cover 1A safety cover keeps your liner protected better than any other type of cover and provides the best protection for your liner. Safety covers prevent debris from falling in the pool and damaging the liner. They also keep the liner out of sunlight. This preserves the liner and prevents fading. Safety covers are easy to install, remove and maintain. Adding a safety cover to your pool is a smart investment. In addition to extending the life of your liner it will save you money on chemicals and water. 

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