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Measuring Replacement Safety Covers

Measuring Replacement Safety Covers

Measuring Replacement Safety Covers

Fall is just around the corner. Soon it will be time to start closing pools. Measuring a pool for a new safety cover is usually straightforward. However, when it’s time to replace an existing safety cover, measuring is a bit more detailed. Homeowners don’t want additional holes in their deck, so the challenge is to match the new safety cover to the existing anchor locations. This process doesn’t have to be difficult, though. With a few simple tips and the Tara A-B App you can measure replacement safety covers quickly and accurately.



a b app

Available for free on the Apple App store, the Tara A-B App is a simple and effective tool for measuring pools and safety covers. You’ll find that entering your measurements is quick and intuitive. After you enter the A and B measurement for any point it will be displayed in the app. As you enter more points, you can see the diagram of the pool take shape. Compare the diagram to the to the pool perimeter to ensure accuracy. Once you are done, you can easily check cross measurements and verify them in the app. If everything checks out, you can fill out an order form and place your order from the app. The Tara A-B App saves time, prevents errors and expedites your order.


a-b points

To begin your measurement, start by establishing your A and B points. They should be at least 5' outside the perimeter of the existing anchors and a minimum of 15’ apart. We recommend using stakes to mark your A and B points so that they stay fixed and do not move. You must use the same A and B points for measuring the anchor locations and the pool perimeter. We recommend placing the A point at the shallow end of the pool.


Starting at the halfway point on the long side of the pool, number every fifth anchor using chalk or dot stickers. For areas where multiple anchors are grouped together, number each one, to avoid confusion. When you make it back to your first anchor, begin numbering points on the pool perimeter continuing the sequence of numbers. Keep in mind a complete A-B of the pool, is not necessary. You need enough points to establish the overlap necessary to construct the cover. See the example.


Open the Tara A-B app and follow the set-up so it matches the orientation of your A and B points. You will also select whether you will be using one tape measure or two. Beginning at point number 1, start the measuring process. As you get to a number on the deck, ensure that you are at the corresponding number in the app. Once you have recorded all the anchor location points, move to the points around the pool perimeter.


At this point, having the Tara A-B App will come in very handy. You can quickly check your cross dimensions in the app by switching to full screen mode and selecting any two points. You can also verify that the shape of the pool diagram matches the shape of the pool and anchor perimeter. This will ensure your measurements are accurate before you leave the jobsite saving you additional trips back to the pool.


Now that you have verified your measurements and everything checks out, you can complete your order. There is a simplified safety cover order form for the app. You will use this form to enter information not given in the app. You can simply fill out the information requested on the Tara A-B order form. When you hit “Submit” in the app, it prompt you to take a photo of your order form. The photo and your measurements will be packaged up in an email that you can send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your company name, job name and distributor name in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please note the point numbers associated with critical points, such as the beginning of obstructions. For obstructions or other important sections you can attach more photos to the email. 

Visit, to download the Tara A-B App, simplified App order forms and detailed instructions.


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