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Measuring Freeform Pools


Of all the pool shapes, a freeform is the most difficult to measure. To get an accurate measurement we recommend using the A - B point to point method. It involves measuring a series of points around the perimeter of the pool from two fixed points roughly 5 - 10 feet from the pool. This method is versatile and can be used for any size or shape of pool. If it’s done right and all of the measurements are recorded correctly, it gives the designers a very accurate layout of the pool’s perimeter. If you use this method you can measure any pool that comes your way.

What will you need:

  • 100 Foot Reel Measuring Tape Heavy Duty Steel Tape Measure
  • 3 Ft. to 6.5 Ft. Telescoping Pole
  • Clipboard
  • Plumb Bob
  • 2 - 12 in. Galvanized Spike Nails
  • Roll of Nylon Thread
  • AB Measuring Forms (Download Here)

Marking the A & B Points

You begin by establishing two points, an A point and a B point approximately 5' from the edge of the pool. These two points should be roughly 2/3 of the length of the pool apart. If, for example, your pool is 40' long your distance between A and B should be about 26' apart. If you were to draw a line between A and B and extend it out, the line should not cross the pool’s perimeter. You can mark your points on the pool deck or drive stakes in the ground.

Marking the Perimeter Points

For your perimeter points, you need to mark and label points approximately 2' apart along the coping, directly above the pool wall. We recommend using colored dot labels because they are removable and you can write on them. The distance between points can vary. If you are marking points around a sharp radius you want to mark the points closer. If you are marking points along a straight section you can mark it at each end.

It is important to mark transition points. Place a mark where a radius starts or ends and also where two straight sections come together at an angle. If your pool has a step or a step cut you need to mark where the step starts and ends.

To help establish the bottom dimensions you need to extend a line across the shallow end break and also across the hopper break line. Mark these points where they meet with the perimeter. We recommend that one of the shallow end points should be used as point number 1. The other 3 points should be labeled X, Y, and Z. The remainder of your points should be numbered sequentially starting at point number 1.

Measuring the A & B Points

Now your ready to measure your points. It is important to make sure that you measure in a straight line. Do not bend the tape measure around objects. Make sure that the tape measure is pulled tight. You can round your measurements to the nearest inch.

Measure from point A to all points on the perimeter and then from point B to all points on the perimeter. You will also need to find the overall length and width of the pool. To do this you will need to pick a point in the shallow end and a point in the deep end. Select points that will best approximate the overall length of the pool. Note which points were used and what the measurement was. Use the same method to find the overall width of the shallow end and deep end.

Pool Measuring Resources

You can visit our website,, for more tips on measuring pools. While your there, you can download measurement forms for every type of pool including an A - B point to point worksheet.

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