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Trichlor Sanitizers

If Trichlor Sanitizer is Used in a Vinyl Lined Pool:

  • DO NOT allow the pH of the pool to drop below 7.4. **Range 7.4-7.8.
  • DO NOT allow chlorine levels to exceed 3 ppm using Trichlor sanitizer.
  • DO NOT shock or super chlorinate your vinyl lined pool with Trichlor. Alkaline sanitizers (hypochlorite products) should be used.
  • DO NOT continuously heat your vinyl lined pool to temperatures above 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water will dissolve Trichlor sanitizer at a faster rate making the water very aggressive to the vinyl liner.
  • DO NOT allow true total carbonate alkalinity to drop below 90 ppm when acidic Trichlor is used as the sanitizing agent. Alkalinity range 90-125 ppm.
  • DO NOT forget to correct for cyanuric acid level when measuring true total alkalinity. True total alkalinity equals measured total alkalinity minus one third measured cyanuric acid level.
  • Failure to limit and control cyanuric acid level could result in the following:
    • Low alkalinity
    • pH drop or bounce when Trichlor is added
    • Increased chlorine demand (more Trichlor is needed)
    • Aggressive water
    • Bleached and/or wrinkled vinyl liner
  • DO NOT add trichlor to a floating dispenser and ALWAYS continuously run the water circulation system 24 hours a day during the pool season when Trichlor is used.
  • It should be understood that the absorption of water is a function of the PVC. However, the absorption will not take place with proper care. It should also be understood that the effects of the chemicals on the vinyl are cumulative and irreversible.
  • Remember: less is best when adding chemicals to your vinyl liner pool.

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