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A Guide to Using Tara's Tab System


Install Pool Liners Accurately and In Less Time!

If you’ve ever looked at a Tara pool liner box, you may have noticed the pool shapes printed on the top. These drawings show where the “tabs” are located. The tabs are an indicator Tara has used for years to help pool professionals quickly position a liner in a pool. If you place the liner tabs in the location indicated on the top of the box, the rest of the liner will be easy to position. Using the tabs takes much of the guesswork out of installation.

Easy to Find

Tabs are placed at the 2 most strategic points for quickly positioning a liner. Located in the shallow end, they are easy to find on the backside of the liner. On most pool shapes, they are in the shallow end corners where the wall and floor meet. On pools without corners such as ovals, kidneys and freeform pools the tabs are either in the center of the radius or at the break. The easiest way to find and position them properly is to check the top of the liner box. There is a decal on the front side of the liner that shows where to look for the tab on the back side of the liner.

Easy to Use

The top of the box indicates which direction the liner will unfold. Unfold it towards the shallow end and quickly find the tabs. The tabs are placed in the shallow end where the liner is easiest work with. After you find the triangular shaped tab on the back of the liner (the box top will tell you where to look), place the tab in the position point shown on the box. Once both tabs are in position, the liner is aligned and ready to hang in the bead track.

What is a Tab?

The tab is a triangular shaped flap or tab of material that is added to the liner drawing when it is set up in AutoCAD. When that piece of the liner is cut, the tab looks like an extra v shaped bump. As all of the pieces of the liner are welded together, the tabs are left loose on the backside of the liner. They do not interfere with the appearance or performance of the liner. Simple and effective, Tara pool liner’s tabs are an incredibly accurate liner positioning system.

Tara’s Tabs Vs. Other Methods

Other manufacturers have methods to indicate position points on the liner. They place marks or stickers at the top of the wall. This method is not as accurate as the method Tara pool liners uses. The top of the wall can be “off” from the floor in a number of ways. To fit properly the pool liner must fit the bottom of the pool. Tara places the tabs on the bottom of the pool. Tara’s system also, eliminates any human error that can occur, by incorporating the tab into the liner design. Once you use Tara pool liner’s tabs you’ll realize why it is the easiest and most effective system in the market.

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