St. John's Bay

Glistening Tiles Create A Stylish Ensemble

This contemporary pattern reflects the height of modern style and luxury. The multifaceted tiles, inspired by the reflections in ice cubes and glass tiles, carry a sparkling range of colors. St. John’s Bay creates a lively scene for playing, entertaining and enjoying the splendor of summer.

This exclusive Tara pool liner pattern is available in 20mil wall and 20mil floor as well as our SureStep textured vinyl for improved traction on stairs and entryways.

  • Water color: Light Blue
  • Available Thickness: 20mil wall | 20mil Floor

  • St. John's Bay is avaliable in SureStep! SureStep vinyl is embossed with a texture that adds traction to the surface of your pool. It helps prevent slips and feels nice when you walk on it. SureStep is also made from thicker, 27 mil vinyl, to make it more rugged and durable. These features make it a great choice for covering stairs, sundecks, benches and other high traffic areas.

Featuring high quality pool & outdoor products manufactured in North Alabama.

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