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As one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl pool liners and pool safety covers, we offer many advantages and resources to our dealers and distributors.

In addition to providing quality products, we make it easy to sell them to your customers. We offer effective maketing tools that are little to no cost. Plus, we do all the work so you can focus on doing, what you do best.

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Top 10 reasons to sell Tara Manufacturing Products

Manufactured from North American Materials

Our liners are made from the finest virgin vinyl available. We also invest in North American materials, which have been shown to increase durability when paired with proper installation and care.

Liner Thickness Based on Best-Fit

While some industry trends lean toward a thicker liner, we recommend the standard 20 mil liners for most pools because of the better fit that can be achieved. Our investment in higher quality, North American materials makes our 20 mil pool liners durable. Liners made from 20 mil are easier to install. For extreme conditions, we offer full 27mil and 27mil/20mil combinations.

Our 10-Point Quality Assurance Check

Quality is extremely important to us. We maintain a 10-point quality assurance check throughout the entire manufacturing process. Quality checks begin at the time your order is placed and continue through shipping.

20-Year Warranties

We are confident in our products and we back our liners with a 20 year pro-rated warranty.

Easier Installation

We make it very easy to measure for and install a Tara pool liner. Tara's tab alignment system helps you quickly place the liner in the correct position. We have developed an automated laser measuring tool that makes it simple to measure any shape or size pool. We also include easy-to-follow installation directions and tabs to make it easier to install the liner.

Free and Low Cost Sales Tools

We make it easy to sell Tara products by providing you with free and low cost advertising tools.

24/7 Online Ordering

We offer online ordering so that you can submit orders to us 24/7 using our user-friendly system.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our customer service team can help answer any question you have about pool liners or pool safety covers, as well as help you with other related pool questions.


Tara Manufacturing is an independent family-owned and operated company, driven by faith-based values.