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Pet Friendly Pool Liner

Pet owners make up 70% of the households in the U.S. The majority of those are dog owners. We all want our pets to be able to enjoy playing in and around the pool. However, many dog owners worry that their pets claws will damage their pool liner. Although vinyl liners are mostly resistant to puncture and scratches, this perception is important to address. This season we have added a new option for dog owners that will provide peace of mind when they purchase a new Tara vinyl liner. 


We worked with our supplier to develop a vinyl liner option for dog owners. The new Paddling Paws option is an upgrade for the walls and steps of the liner. It is 30 mil vinyl and it has a topcoat that is designed to hide many scratch marks. The increased thickness of the material provides greater puncture resistance in the areas where a dog’s claws might come in contact. The topcoat is also double the thickness of a standard liner topcoat to help prevent scratches from marring the surface. The step material for Paddling Paws features the same 30 mil thickness and double layer topcoat but it is also embossed with Tara SureStep texture to add extra traction to the entryways. This unique new option offers pet owners more confidence in their purchase of a new Tara liner for their pool.

One of the features that makes Paddling Paws unique, is the fact that it is sustainable. Paddling Paws is made using ReNew™, the first high-performance pool vinyl to be certified as a sustainable product. This cutting-edge liner material will enhance the beauty of any backyard with durable long-lasting, sustainable brilliance. ReNew™ pool vinyl is certified to contain 51% recycled content by SCS Global Services, an international leader in third-party certification, validation, and verification for environmental, sustainability, and quality performance claims. The recycled content used to make ReNew™ is pre-consumer which means, material generated after fabrication of a product is completed but before the product reaches the end-use consumer. ReNew™ uses cutting-edge UV and anti-microbial additives, coupled with vigorous testing for weldability, chlorine, and abrasion resistance resulting in sustained material brilliance. Plus, each liner made using ReNew™ diverts approximately 100 pounds of plastic from the waste stream! In terms of performance, beauty and sustainability, pet owners can feel good about their purchase of Paddling Paws for their new liner.


Paddling Paws is available on two patterns this season, Sundara and Ocean Wave. Sundara is our latest design in Tara’s list of 17 exclusive patterns. This beautiful contemporary pattern features a gunite inspired floor and a simple glazed tile border. Sundara works well in both contemporary and rustic settings. Ocean Wave, on the other hand, has been one of our most popular patterns for over fifteen years and continues to beautify pools across the country. Both patterns are excellent options for any pool and will give pet owners a traditional or modern choice for their pool liner. View our entire 2023 collection on our website, You and your customers can try our Envision visualizer to see how each pattern will look in the water. Better yet, download the Envision AR app for your phone or tablet to see how any Tara pattern will look in your backyard. Available for iOS and Android devices, the Envision AR app takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect liner pattern. 

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