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New Extended Warranty Program 

Pool owners crave durability when purchasing a new liner. In focus group testing, it ranked higher than the appearance of the liner for important attributes they look for in their new pool liner. As with any big-ticket purchase, they want to be assured that their investment will last over time. One of the ways to provide that assurance is with an extended warranty. This year we are pleased to be able to offer our customers an extended warranty program that offers you a number of benefits for a very minimal price. 

There is a good chance that you’ll never use our Tara Liner Warranty. Tara’s focus on using the finest quality materials and providing the best fit possible ensures that our liners will last at least 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. This is demonstrated by our return rate, which was less than 1% last year and has been that way for years. That being said, should a warranty situation occur, it’s nice to know your covered. 

Like most warranties for vinyl liners, Tara’s liner warranty is a 20-year limited warranty. It provides 2 years of full replacement coverage and is prorated after that. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects which refers, primarily, to seam separations. In addition to that coverage the warranty also provides the dealer with $500 for water and labor. Now with our extended warranty program, dealers can add 3 years of full replacement coverage for a total of 5 years and also increase the water and labor allowance. 

Our new extended warranty program is available in two packages, Silver and Gold. Both packages give the homeowner 3 extra years of full replacement coverage. The difference in the packages is the amount of water and labor allowance that the dealer receives. Dealers can add the Silver package which provides $1,000 water and labor. For even more protection, dealers can add the Gold package and get $1,500 water and labor. These two packages are a cost-effective way to add peace of mind for the pool owner and the dealer. 

Extended Warranty Benefits 

Our extended warranty program is beneficial to the pool owner but even more so for the dealer. While the pool owner gets the assurance that in the unlikely event that they have a warranty issue, they are protected with 5 years of full replacement coverage. However, when a dealer purchases the extended warranty for their liners they get much more. 

• Competitive Advantage: When dealers add the extended warranties, they can offer their customers 5 years of full replacement rather than 2, like other standard warranties. 

• Customer Loyalty: To get that full replacement within the first 5 years, the pool owner will need to go back to the dealer who purchased the extended warranty, tying the customer to their business. 

• Peace of Mind: The extended warranty program ensures that dealers have the money they need to cover their expenses, should a warranty situation occur. 

To add the Silver or Gold extended warranty package to an order, just mark it on the order form or let the distributor know when the order is placed. Both packages must be purchased at the time the liner is ordered or before it ships and are valid for five years beginning the date the liner is shipped. These plans cover the purchaser of the extended warranty only and are non-transferable. These plans are subject to the same terms and conditions of the Tara Liner 20 Year Limited Warranty. Additional terms and conditions may apply

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