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Is Green the New Blue? 

Enchanted 6Enchanted

Is Green the New Blue? 

Pool owners searching for a unique watercolor embrace the beauty of Green! 

For years, green has been a taboo color in liner patterns. The association with algae and unhealthy water has prevented it from being used much in pattern designs. Because of this, we have used it sparingly in our collection. Recently though, opinions have started to shift. There have been signs of a change in attitude toward green pool finishes, for the last few years. This year, to go along with our new logo, branding and website we added 7 new patterns. Several of these patterns featured green as a central color in the design. We weren’t sure how these patterns would fare, but the results have been surprising. 

Why not green? 

Green has never been a popular choice for pool liners. In the past, the association with algae has prevented many pool owners from even considering it. However, we started noticing that opinion was changing. In surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, many homeowners and dealers listed green as a color they would like to see in liners. We began to think there might be a possibility to incorporate some greens into our pattern designs. 

Looking for something new 

In recent years, we have heard more and more customers say that they would like to see more color options in liners. Many were tired of the traditional blue patterns that have dominated our collection. So, we started looking for options to expand the color spectrum. 

Starting from scratch 

Last year, we began our pattern design process early and started from scratch. We searched the internet for inspiring pools. We found an array of incredible designs that we used as inspiration for new pattern concepts. For months, we worked closely with designers to develop the designs. After many rounds of revisions, we put these concepts through a vetting process that included surveys of our warranty card holders. That process left us with 5 new patterns. To our surprise, 3 of these new patterns were primarily green or had green as a dominant element, Serenity, Enchanted and Aquamarine. 
 Aquamarine H2O pools supplies CleaningAquamarine

Now for the test 

Once the designs were finalized, we began posting previews of the upcoming pattern collection on social media. We held our breath anticipating the response. People immediately grew excited seeing the new designs and colors. We had a lot of positive comments and enthusiasm for the new patterns. This gave us a lot of encouragement but what people proclaim to like and what they buy, aren’t always the same. However, it wasn’t long before the sales started to reflect the positive feedback we had received in our previews. As the season went on, we saw the sales of Serenity, Enchanted and Aquamarine soar. These patterns now rank in our top 6! It’s been so rewarding to see the success of these patterns because each one was a labor of love. 

What’s the reason for the success? 

There is a combination of reasons for the popularity of these new designs. First, the desire for something new among pool owners. People want a pool that’s beautiful but also unique and custom looking. Second, the pandemic has shaken up the industry. There has been a tremendous influx of new pool buyers who lack preconceived biases. Third, social media allows people to see more options for their pools. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration and creativity. Fourth, new digital tools like our Envision pool designer make it easier for homeowners to experiment with styles and colors. They can see an accurate representation of their new pool, complete with the liner pattern, watercolor and decking. Last and often overlooked, was the strength of the designs. The contemporary looks, realistic textures and color combinations really set these patterns apart. 

New for 2022 

We plan to take another step forward this year, with more new patterns that challenge traditional ideas. Stay tuned to our website ( and social media ( or for details.

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