Our new Paddling Paws option for walls and steps provides peace of mind for pet owners. It features a unique scratch hiding topcoat specially formulated to prevent scratch marks. Made from premium 30 mil vinyl, Paddling Paws adds extra thickness to the walls and entryways of the pool. Paddling Paws vinyl is also made with ReNew™ sustainable pool vinyl.

Puncture Resistant

Made from sturdy 30 mil premium vinyl


Unique scratch hiding double layer topcoat


Smooth anit-microbial surface prevents algae


Made with ReNew® sustainable pool vinyl

How does it work?

The increased thickness of Paddling Paws provides greater puncture resistance in the areas where a dog’s claws might come in contact, the walls and steps as well as sundecks and other entryways. The topcoat is also double the thickness of a standard liner topcoat to help prevent scratches from marring the surface. 

Where to Use Paddling Paws

Paddling Paws is used on the areas of the pool where a dog's claws are likely to contact. On the walls of the pool the standard smooth Paddling Paws vinyl is used to defend against dogs scratching the wall. On the steps, sundecks and benches, Paddling Paws textured material is used. This not only prevents puncture and scratches but also adds traction when entering and exiting the pool.

Paddling Paws is Available for 2 Popular Patterns


Ocean Wave

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